Water Landing Directory App

The App

The Water Landing Directory was launched by the Seaplane Foundation in 2013. The goal from the inception was to create a convenient, useful and easily managed tool for seaplane pilots to obtain preflight planning information.

The Water Landing Directory began as a printed publication updated every two years. The new Water Landing Directory app is designed for use on mobile devices, which allows it to be updated in real time with the latest information made available to the Foundation. The mobile platform also allows users to provide feedback to other seaplane pilots using the app, notify the Foundation about information in the directory, and request additional information that may not be in the app.

Water Landing Directory App

The Water Landing Directory app offers:

  • A detailed listing of seaplane bases and information about those facilities.
  • Listing of fueling locations for seaplanes.
  • A directory of seaplane training schools and instructors.
  • A guide for seaplane-friendly destinations.
  • A seaplane event guide.
  • Detailed information on seaplane access to bodies of water presented in a user-friendly, searchable format. This includes whether a body of water is open to seaplane operations, closed, or open with restrictions; elevation; size; the controlling agency; and invasive species procedures, plus much more.

*The Water Landing Directory app is available at no charge to all current Seaplane Pilots Association members. The app is made possible through generous donations to the Seaplane Foundation.

Water Landing Directory App
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Water Landing Directory App
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Water Landing Directory App
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