Safety & Educational Seminars


Safety and education are at the heart of the mission of the Seaplane Foundation. Each year the foundation conducts more than 50 interactive safety and educational seminars from Alaska to Florida.

These safety seminars and workshops are designed to have maximum impact by being highly interactive and engaging. Many are customized for the audience and the event at which they are presented.

Formats range from one-hour workshops at major aviation events like EAA’s AirVenture to all-day sessions at, for example, the Alaska Seaplane Safety Seminar, which has been held every year since 1983.

In addition to tapping into knowledge from pilots and instructors with great experience in the world of seaplane safety and education, the foundation consults with a variety of manufactures, accident investigators and insurance industry representatives to gain the greatest perspective on how seaplane pilots can better understand and mitigate threats to their flight safety.

In addition to Safety & Educational Seminars SPAF creates and distributes other educational materials including brochures, guides and even bumper stickers.

Safety training such as dunk tank upset training is one of the many ways the Seaplane Foundation serves the water flying community. Interactive experiences like this provide meaningful tools in teaching lifesaving techniques to seaplane pilots.

Safety & education topics include: