Community Building

Promoting seaplanes and providing great events for seaplane pilots at major aviation shows the Seaplane Foundation and Seaplane Pilots Association is one way we help unite the water flying community and introduce new potential seaplane pilots to our way of life. Education and community building coincide at many of our events where we use interactive experiences to educate both the next generation of seaplane pilots and current seaplane pilots side by side.

We are creating events for both seaplane owners and non owners where we organize adventures of a lifetime such as the one in the video below in which both Searey owners and those that were renting a seat in a Searey for a five day adventure through the Bahamas.

Member Adventure to Lake Como Italy

Spreading the Seaplane Smile at Airventure

Member Adventure to Seattle Washington and the San Juan Islands

Field Directors working to protect and promote the seaplane community in Georgia

SPA Members Community Building at Lake Como Aero Club in Italy

Aero Club Como is an important partner in insuring we have a healthy seaplane community in Europe