Supporting SPA’s Mission

Seaplane Foundation Mission

The resources of the Seaplane Pilots Association are stretched thin by the need to confront the constantly evolving variety and scope of challenges to seaplane access to public waterways across the country. As it is with other national general aviation associations, SPA’s annual membership dues revenue is not sufficient to support the efforts necessary to be both an effective advocate for the seaplane community and also provide other important member benefits such as pilot education and outreach programs.

SPA’s board of directors responded to the need by authorizing the formation of the Seaplane Foundation, chartered by the IRS in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Seaplane Foundation has a multifaceted mission:

  • Educating pilots and the public on seaplane safety and access issues
  • Awarding seaplane-rating scholarships
  • Fueling the health and growth of the seaplane community


A central function of the Foundation is to produce, present and distribute seaplane safety and outreach programs in the form of workshops, literature and videos. Some 50 workshops focusing on seaplane pilot safety are conducted each year from Alaska to Maine and Florida to California. At major aviation events such as EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh the Foundation’s workshop lineup includes Seaplanes 101, which introduces non-seaplane-rated pilots to the world of water flying.

Growing the Seaplane Community

The seaplane community is faced with an aging pilot population, and the Foundation is aggressively working to attract a new generation of younger seaplane pilots. One important Foundation initiative is the Tyler Orsow/Chuck Kimes Memorial Scholarship program that awards zero-cost seaplane-rating scholarships to deserving young career-track pilots.

Protecting Our Water Flying Heritage

The Foundation supports SPA’s efforts to broaden and intensify advocacy initiatives aimed at protecting and expanding seaplane access.

The Foundation partners with other national aviation organizations including the Aircraft Owners & Pilots AssociationEAA, and the Recreational Aviation Foundation to address the multitude of complex issues affecting the general aviation and seaplane communities.

The Foundation is vital to the protection and promotion of seaplane flying. Thanks to generous donations from supporters, the Foundation has assumed a growing role in the mission effectiveness of the Seaplane Pilots Association.

Contributions to the Seaplane Foundation are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Consult your tax advisor for your personal situation, and please make your contribution today.