Educational Videos

Educational videos are an important part of any educational endeavor including seaplane education for pilots and enthusiasts and the non-flying public. Thanks to social media and the internet educational videos can be distributed easily, inexpensively and to larger audiences than ever before, but production costs can be significant.

The Seaplane Foundation continually evaluates educational topics that can benefit from video exposure. Some more recent subjects include:

waterways managers

Along with distribution to the seaplane community and the non-flying public that might come in contact with seaplanes, educational videos can be useful to waterways managers, decision-makers and policymakers who could influence seaplane operations.

The Seaplane Foundation is fortunate to have internal video production capabilities, however more resources are needed to expand the range of topics and ensure the highest video production professionalism. The Foundation welcomes private donors and corporate partners to help fund continued production of seaplane educational videos.

Projects that currently require funding are:

Seaplane & Boating Compatibility

Invasive Species Training Video for Seaplanes

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