Women Making A Splash Seaplane Rating Scholarships

The “Women Making A Splash” scholarship was established in 2020 as a way to increase the number of women seaplane pilots. The scholarship is intended to introduce women pilots holding a private pilot, or higher rating, to the world of seaplane flying. This scholarship also requires a give back from the applicant to continue increasing the number of women seaplane pilots on their own. There is no age limitation. The successful candidates should have a promising plan for completing training and giving back to the seaplane & aviation community.

In the event additional information is required, you may be contacted for a short interview.

This scholarship is maintained by the Seaplane Foundation (a 501-C3 non-profit organization), and donations to the fund are fully tax deductible. Each scholarship will fund a complete seaplane training program for a single-engine sea rating.

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Pictured above is our 2022 "Women Making a Splash" Scholarship Winner, Mary McEnroe. Mary's project to increase the number of women seaplane pilots involves organizing group trips for women to achieve their seaplane ratings together. She does the research and organizes training trips in multiple states, making it easier for women to sign up to earn their ASES rating. She also pursues additional sponsors to increase the number of "Women Making a Splash" scholarships available.