Seaplane Technology & Learning Center

Since its founding in 1972 the Seaplane Pilots Association has been the nation’s primary advocacy voice for protecting and promoting the water flying community. And since its founding, SPA has worked out of rented, often inadequate office space.

A permanent headquarters facility is sorely needed given the growing need for a larger staff, the desire to hold community events and workshops, host industry trade conferences, conduct vital research to help control the spread of invasive species and develop new seaplane pilot safety initiatives. The SPA Board of Directors has announced its intention to build a headquarters for the association and the Seaplane Foundation, and with it the creation of a Seaplane Education and Research Center.

Seaplane Technology and Learning Center Animation

Seaplane Technology and Learning Center Fundraising Video

Office / Hangar Complex Vision

The vision is to build an office/hangar complex large enough to house educational displays for members and the public, and also host safety seminars and public outreach events that serve the seaplane community. The facility also will give both staff and volunteers sufficient space to work together for the betterment of the water flying community.

We have signed a 50-year lease for five acres on the east side of the Winter Haven, Florida, Regional Airport—enough space to build a combined hangar and office complex. The lease includes 1,000 feet of shoreline on Lake Harris, which will allow for the development of an event pavilion, parking for both cars and seaplanes, a seaplane ramp, seaplane dockage and beach-front parking.

This is the largest development project SPA and the Seaplane Foundation have ever undertaken, but we believe it is critical to meet the growing demands for advocacy, outreach, and education. Construction of the headquarters will not impact SPA’s or the Seaplane Foundation’s budgets. All funding for the project will come from generous donations from members.